How to Care for Teeth That Have Veneers

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One of the most popular options for improving the smile is getting dental veneers. The thin shells of porcelain or composite are designed to fit over the teeth and change certain features, like color, shape, or size. Although veneers are durable, you need to learn to care for them and the underlying teeth to prevent damage and other oral issues.

Caring for teeth with veneers

Dental veneers, when properly maintained, can last for over a decade. It is up to patients to learn proper ways to care for their teeth. Oral care tips include the following.

Have good oral hygiene

After getting veneers, patients must remember to take care of their oral health. This means brushing regularly and avoiding bad habits that can damage the teeth. There is no special care for veneers, fortunately. To keep the teeth in top shape, brushing should take about two minutes per session twice daily and completed with flossing to get rid of food debris between the teeth and other crevices. If brushing after every meal is not feasible, rinsing the mouth with water can work.

Have any teeth grinding habit checked out

Bruxism is damaging to the teeth and dental veneers. It is a harmful habit in which people grind their teeth against each other unconsciously, especially at night. The dentist can recommend or provide a custom-made mouthguard that is worn over the teeth. Wearing this device will prevent the teeth from hitting each other and prevent damage.

Limit tooth-staining foods

Some foods can discolor the teeth, like wine, berries, coffee, etc. Although the porcelain used to make veneers is resistant to stains, the natural teeth can still get stained. To whiten the teeth, the veneers may need to be replaced to match the teeth’s new color.

Avoid biting hard substances

Patients need to avoid biting on hard items or surfaces, whether they have veneers or not. The veneers can loosen from the tooth or break if subjected to unnatural forces or used to bite an item too hard for the teeth. The teeth should not be utilized as a tool for opening items. If the veneers break or the teeth get damaged after a person bites on something hard or suffers a blow to the face, the person will need to visit the dentist for repair or replacement.

Use a soft toothbrush for cleaning

When it comes to toothbrushes, stick to soft-bristled ones. A toothbrush with hard bristles can abrade the veneers’ shine or luster, causing a dull and less natural appearance. It is also important to avoid abrasive toothpaste. Patients can ask the dentist for toothbrush and toothpaste recommendations after getting veneers. If the veneers lose their polish for any reason, one can visit the dentist to have them checked.

In summary

The goal of getting dental veneers is to have an improved smile. However, the smile will only last as long as you care for it. Remember to visit the dentist’s office twice yearly so the dental professional can monitor your oral health and perform necessary procedures to keep it in optimal condition.

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