A Dentist Answers Questions About Laser Teeth Whitening Solution Active Ingredient Concentration

Laser Teeth Whitening Kaysville, UT

Laser teeth whitening is a popular option for removing stains on teeth and improving smiles. There are other options as well, but using lasers has benefits and advantages that other methods cannot duplicate. If you are tired of the way your teeth look, talk to your dentist about whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. It can also help to learn more about the ingredients used to whiten your teeth. Your new smile can be just a dental visit away.

How laser teeth whitening works

Once a patient decides to do this treatment, the dentist will invite them to the office. The patient gets comfortable in the chair while the dentist prepares the solution. Then the dentist puts this on the teeth, either directly or via a mouth apparatus. The dentist uses a laser to activate the chemicals in the solution, which penetrate deep into the teeth. It breaks down the molecules that cause the discoloration. The procedure lasts an hour or less, and only one or two visits are necessary.

The active ingredient

The whitening agent in laser teeth whitening gel is usually hydrogen peroxide. Another option is carbamide peroxide. These ingredients can quickly change the color shade of teeth. When a patient goes to the office for treatment, the hydrogen peroxide is in higher concentrations than when in other types of whitening treatments.

The speed with which it works

An appealing benefit of doing laser teeth whitening is that the results can come quickly. Because of the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the use of lasers, the patient can see whiter teeth within days. Some people even get the desired shade of white immediately after the treatment. Other whitening treatments may take weeks or months to remove stains.

The effectiveness and how long it lasts

Results will vary for all patients. However, laser teeth whitening can produce whiter teeth for at least six months to a year. With diligent attention to proper oral hygiene, the results can be even more long-lasting. Brushing twice a day and flossing will help to prevent stains from reappearing. The person should also limit drinking and eating certain beverages and foods.

Whitening all the teeth or individual teeth

There is another reason why people prefer laser teeth whitening. This is a way of activating the hydrogen peroxide ingredients to whiten even a single tooth. For patients with one or a few discolored teeth, this option may make more sense than treating the entire mouth. The process will work the same way whether the procedure is on one tooth, a few teeth, or all the teeth in the patient’s mouth.

Your new smile is waiting for you

Discolored teeth can be embarrassing and ashamed. If you have yellow or brown stains on your teeth, laser teeth whitening may be the right option for you. Talk to your dentist today about whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. With highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide and lasers, you can have fast, long-term results.

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