3 Tips for Finding a Dentist Online

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Patients who move from one city to another and individuals who feel that a new provider is necessary often turn to the internet to find a dentist. Finding a new dental provider online may seem simple, but it can be more complicated than performing a search and making an appointment with the nearest licensed dentist. People should consider several factors when choosing a new provider, including identifying the dentist’s proximity to their home or work, correctly interpreting online reviews, and utilizing database search tools.

3 tips for locating an ideal provider

Why should patients search online when trying to find the perfect dental provider for the family? For one, it saves time, especially in a new city. For another, patients in a new area may not know people to ask. Finding who shows competence, cares about patients, and works within the right driving distance from the patient’s location can be easy when following a few guidelines.

1. Identifying the provider’s office location with Google Maps

Patients should first perform a search to find a dentist local to their new home or work area to determine how far is too far to drive for a dental appointment. The same people who may be willing to drive an hour for twice-yearly appointments may see the distance differently in a dental emergency that involves a chipped tooth or a swollen gumline. Patients can use Google Maps, or a similar directional tool like Waze, to locate prospective dental offices and make a list of the ones that could be further investigated.

2. Interpreting online reviews

When searching for a provider online, digital reviews often portray the professional in question fairly, but these notes sometimes do not give an accurate picture of the provider. Good dentists may have 10 great reviews and one terrible one — but the one bad review, for example, could have been left by an angry patient in the heat of the moment.

There are situations in which digital descriptions of a dentists’ office should be taken seriously: If eight of those 10 reviews complain about the dentist’s office staff, lack of privacy or hygiene procedures, or any incidents that reveal ethical problems on the behalf of the dentist or staff, the concern is warranted. On the whole, though, online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

3. Utilizing “find a dentist” tools online

Word-of-mouth referrals are often the ideal way to locate a new provider, but patients who move to a completely new area may not have trustworthy friends or family to ask for a referral. The American Dental Association offers a free “find a dentist” database that anyone can search. Local dental societies, at the state level, may have names to offer as well.


With the right mindset and basic internet search skills, finding a good dentist should not be too difficult. Remember, it is simple to switch to another dentist if the first one does not match your qualifications, but it is often easier to do some research beforehand to narrow down the correct provider before attending any appointments.

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